Frank Lepore AMA for The Magic Minute

The title says it all!

I’m heading to Grand Prix Albuquerque this weekend to compete in some Shadows Over Innistrad Sealed, and for this week’s Magic Minute (which can be found every Friday on I want you guys to “ask me anything.” Ask whatever questions you’ve always wanted answered in the comments – about me or Magic or anything – and I’ll pick some of the best ones to answer for this week’s Magic Minute! Of course all comments will initially be moderated, so keep that in mind before you post.

I look forward to hearing what’s on your minds and thanks for reading!

29 thoughts on “Frank Lepore AMA for The Magic Minute

  1. What was your favorite deck to play of all time? Or if you can’t choose one what were some of your favorite decks?

  2. So Franklin, I once participated in an Oath Oath BFZ draft, in round 4 I mulliganed to six and was greeted with the hand of five islands and a Brood Monitor. I decided to keep and I crushed my opponent. Am I a good magic player?

    Follow up question: Have you told Hunter that I told him hi?

  3. Is it possible that Zada, Hedron Grinder could ever be a thing in standard.If so what would the deck look like?

  4. What one card would you love to
    see modern legal (could be a banned card or from any set not currently legal)

  5. Where did you get your start? Like what made you want to write and make streams? Also what happened with tcg?

  6. In general what is your favorite thing about magic, and what do you think is the most important concept for the average player to grasp?

  7. Do you think that the constant analysis that many players spout during casual events, particularly trying to make points about which cards are playable, is too much? For people who find it obnoxious, is there something that can be done to ask them to tone it down politely?

  8. I apologize if this is too personal, but with Melissa having worked for WotC and knowing about the next 5 sets, how do you not keep from trying to pry info out of her at every turn?

  9. How many pre-board and post-board games do you consider sufficient testing when trying to make a decision on a deck to play for a new format?

  10. – When did you fall in love with Sultai and why?
    – Which sultai colours are the most important to you thematically, and gameplay wise.

  11. Hey Frank,
    I’ve been trying to figure out the best place to produce written/audio/video magic content. Are there good websites to post content too if you’re trying to establish yourself as a content creator?

  12. were all just super curious why you left tcgplayer which seemed ,to me anyway ,been done right after your sucess at the protour. were they related? what happened? i love all your conent and im not suggesting anythng, just really want to know. big fan.

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