Announcement: Bethesda and Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad

Today I’m pleased to finally announce a difficult decision that I had to make a few weeks back.

In the coming weeks Bethesda Softworks and Direwolf Digital will be releasing their digital card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends. I have been working with Bethesda for several months now getting a handle on the game in order to produce a good deal of their strategic content. As such, I was invited to work with Bethesda at PAX East this year to promote the game and interact with fans.

Unfortunately – as seems to be the case every year – Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad takes place on the same weekend as PAX East. Considering that I am currently in second place in the Rookie of the Year race and no more than 8 Pro Points away from gold in the Pro Players Club this was quite the difficult decision: do I maintain my momentum and chase the dream I have been seeking for nearly 20 years, or do I embark on the beginning of an amazing journey with the company that produces my favorite video game franchise of all time? (It’s Fallout by the way.)

Many of you have inquired about my status in the past few weeks in regards to the Pro Tour – whether I would see you there, whether I had a team, who I was testing with or staying with – and I had to awkwardly dodge most of these questions until our (and my) presence with Bethesda at PAX was finalized and made public. I am extremely excited to announce that I have decided to explore the better long-term opportunity I see myself having with The Elder Scrolls: Legends and discover where it takes me.

Rest assured this will have no impact on my Magic presence or content whatsoever. In fact, if anything it simply means you’ll be seeing more content from me, in other games no less, and I will assuredly be in attendance at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon in Sydney along with Pro Tour Honolulu as well.

In the mean time I hope to see many of you at the Bethesda booth at PAX East, so be sure to stop by and say hi if you are in attendance!

4 thoughts on “Announcement: Bethesda and Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad

  1. Awesome Frank! Glad to have you on board! … welcome to the Bethesda club! I wrote this sentence just to place another exclamation mark at the end of it!

  2. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor Frank! I don’t even blame you for not passing on this golden opportunity. Bethesda is literally my favorite gaming franchise that makes elder scrolls and fallout as you said, my favorite two game series period. Can’t wait to try this game out for myself and look forward to more content from my favorite Magic Streamer.

  3. Good for you Frank. It is every competitive Magic players dream to ride the Pro Tour gravy train, but it is mostly just that a dream. Even long term Pro players have to supplement their income with writing jobs. Given that a second dream job that has a better chance at realization over the long term while not completely ending the other dream I agree you had to take it. Another thing not mentioned but of serious importance is if one of your roommates ends up working at Wizards this will truly have been the correct choice.

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