Frank Lepore has played Magic for over 20 years, in which time he has made a name for himself as a proponent of unconventional decks. He has created popular columns such as The Leporatory, The Lepore Report, and Modern Monday. In addition to a Grand Prix Top 8 and being a member of the 2014 Magic Community Cup, he added a Pro Tour Top 8 to his resume at his very first Pro Tour, Oath of the Gatewatch.

Frank is an active streamer on Twitch and a content creator for Bethesda Softworks, as well as such sites as,, and He also hosts the Magic: The Gathering podcast Freshly Brewed with Ali Aintrazi and creates various YouTube shows.

Frank has worked with such companies as Bethesda Softworks, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, PC Gamer Magazine, and TCGplayer to name a few.